Such a diffident hero becomes the savior and fights to save Japan from a mysterious corps.

--The thrllinng action film overflowing with laughter and excitement--

Takeru Daiwa works for a newspaper. All he can do is just play sports.
No matter what he does, he can never get ahead and is on the verge of dismissal.
Prime Minister Oizumi establishes a new law called Samurai Spirit Law that requires every
citizen to carry a Japanese sword every time they are out.
Moreover, President Bash’s proposal that English should be a new official language passes
the Diet! Contrary to Bash’s expectation, Japan attracts attention of the whole world as
‘the coolest country’.
General Kinik Muki of the Republic of Iyomante thinks that Japan is a serious threat.
He dispatches a corps of cyborgs to break the peace and throws Japan into chaos.
The savior is the only hope to block his ambition!
-When the world is in a time of disorder, the Great Katana Kusanagi will reappear and wait
for the return of the savior. The savior, a descendent of Takeru Yamato should have a
Diamond Crest on his arm-
Takeru gets possessed by the spirit of Takerunojyo Daiwa of the Edo era (1603〜1867).
A Diamond Crest appears on his arm. He is the savior, Katana-Man!
His set phrase goes ‘Sorry for cutting you off! For world’s sake, the sword howls!’
He is just like ZORRO in a black MATRIX-like coat.
Nobunaga Oda, Himiko, Ushiwaka-maru and a Chinese who have been destined to assemble
to Takeru for 800 years fight against cyborgs..


Masaru Matsuda stars as the savior, Takeru Daiwa
Shinzo Hotta plays General Muki who plots to ruin Japan, and hisbesutiful and cruel aide is
prayed by Ruby Moreno.
As a special guest, Gordon Lui from 'Kill Bill' plays Master Lui who trains Takeru to be the
The servants of Takeru are Doragon(Oh Kengun), Nobunaga(Koro Katsuyama), Ushiwaka
(Hidejiro Mizumoto) and,the only woman, Himiko(Asuka Ishii).
Ninja's Hanzo Hattori(Masahiro Sudo)the old enemy of Takeru.
A girl secretly in love with Takeru is played by Karin Fujisawa,
and Yusaku Shima(Ken Musashi) who has just served out his sentence assists Takeru.
The rest of the cast are also individual such as Mitsugu Kazama. Our film is a challenge to
the world!

Treat yourself to the‘must-see’action-comedy that makes you laugh and laugh.
And laugh some more!


Takeru Daiwa 
Master Lui 
Kinik Muki 
Hnzo Hattori 
Yusaku Shima 

Directed by 

 Masaru Matsuda
 Gordon Lui
 Shinzo Hotta
 Masahiro Sudo
 Ou Kengun
 Hidejiro Mizumoto
 Koro Katsuyama
 Asuka Ishii
 Keita Tatsumi
 Vincent Giry
 Ruby Moreno
 Ken Musashi
 Mitsugu Kazama

 Toru Ichikawa



Production cooperation 


Executive Producer 


The original plan project 


 katana-man production committee

 Shimo Enterprize Inc.
 Kaito Inc.
 WildThing Inc.
 Sazanami Inc.

 Takahiro Shimo
 Ryuji Oishi
 Kuniaki Okada
 Reiko Omori

 Masashi Omino
 Ami Matsuda

 Masaru Matsuda

 Toru Ichikawa